How do fair Slot Machines work ?

Online slot machines are surrounded by many myths. The most common myths are that the slot machines are 'hot' or 'cold' and the big winnings are paid out only after a certain time. In fact, slot machines never go through 'hot' or 'cold' phases and the odds of winning are always the same. The time since the last big payoff also makes no difference to winning opportunities. Each round is completely independent of the previous one and the result is as random as a coins roll.


These are the basics in statistics, which can be easily forgotten in the rush. At the same time, one must always remember that luck plays a very important role. If a slot machine offers 1,000 possible combinations, you would have hit the Jackpot after 1,000 games played, right? Statistically, but still it may need another 10,000 spins before the cash register rings. Or maybe you win already after one round. The Random Number Generator makes it possible. RNG´s are very complex mechanisms that also work when you are away from your computer or at the gaming machine. That's because they keep choosing random combinations of numbers from thousands of possible combinations. Thus, between the spins, different combinations of results from the random number generator in the game are calculated and ejected. The longer it takes, the more the RNG will charge. Fortunately, every single result is random and no player can favor it. It is also one of the reassuring aspects of slot machine games, knowing that nobody can manipulate the system against you. It's as random as it can happen to be, and that's why you always have a chance to win, even with the first spin!


Another more Explanation !

Another similar myth is about Jackpot slots. The point is that after a Jackpot has been won, it will take some time for the Jackpot to be paid out the next time. This is also not true because the chances to win the Jackpot are the same in each round. The only difference is that the Jackpot is not that big right after a payout, so it may make sense to wait to play. So the chances of landing this hit are the same size at any time. We have had a Jackpot win and the next spin was another Jackpot.

What is real random ?

The answer to this question consists of three letters: RNG. This abbreviation stands for Random Number Generator. Translated means the random number generator. It is responsible for ensuring that numbers or events are actually as random as possible. The operation of these RNG´s is extremely complicated and difficult to understand without sufficient background knowledge in mathematics. For this reason, we want to present the situation somewhat simplified. Chance is really random - even with gambling. You must not make the mistake of assuming that an automaton simply spits a profit after a certain amount of time simply because you have not won anything for a long time. The rotation of the rollers is always completely independent of previous spins. They do not influence each other.